The ring has consistently been the most popular piece of jewelry. It has been said that the ring is “the article of jewelry around which centers tradition, antiquity, utility and symbolic meaning of the greatest reverential character.”

Rings were extremely popular among the Romans. An atmosphere of magic and charm has always surrounded rings. The faith in the curative powers of stones and the protective powers attributed to some of them, induced their owners to carry the stones by setting them in circlets of gold, silver or bronze to be worn on their fingers. For instance, amethysts were supposed to keep one sober and turquoise would change color in the presence of poison. Papal rings were given to the popes ambassadors as an assurance of safe conduct. For further protection the rings were made of gilded bronze with paste stones, which all knowledgeable road bandits were aware of.

Today, nothing equals the importance and magnitude of a ring for recognition. Whether it’s a sports championship, acknowledging sales prowess, safety accomplishments, years of service or organizational membership, the ring reigns supreme as the ultimate award crafted in precious metal and custom designed for the perfect symbol of achievement.

Let us help you design the ultimate in awards or review your existing program just to make sure you’re receiving the very best value for dollars spent.

Safety Awards

Even as recently as 5 years ago, the vast majority of companies that offered safety incentive programs provided cash, prizes, awards or other forms of recognition to employees for performance related to “lagging indicators.” That is, management tallied up the number of accidents, incidents and near misses.

If the numbers fell below a certain level, employees would be rewarded. If they were above the designated levels, they would not be rewarded. Some companies tied the rewards to individual performance. Others tied them to team, departmental or even company performance.

The trend more recently has been toward implementing incentive programs based on the recognition of safety activities before an accident occurs rather than injury results after the fact.

Regardless, the need for safety programs is well recognized and whichever approach is preferred, it represents the need and desire of management to do whatever possible to ensure the safety of its work force.

Let us help you through a review of your existing program, perhaps freshen it up or create something new that will better incentivize the very real need to maintain a safe environment.

Service Awards

Numerous surveys have proven that over 87% of US companies and
organizations have a recognition program in place. Recognition can take many shapes and forms ranging from service, sales, safety and all areas of performance.

A program can be all jewelry related. Sales or safety award rings with diamond additions that grow with the company and accomplishments of the recipients. It can be a service award that is worn with pride in that jewelry is truly the only award that is custom created for the company. A program can be all lifestyle choice awards where the recipient can choose that perfect gift, often longed for but never received be it outdoor equipment, luggage, exercise equipment, electronics, watches, fashion jewelry etc. Or, a program can be the perfect combination of both custom jewelry and choice, that perfect blend of appreciation that says “Thank you,” for all you do and all you are in making this company the best it can be.

We can create a custom interactive web site, monitor the entire program and provide you with all administration in conjunction with being the most cost effective in the industry.

If you already have a program in place, allow us the opportunity to review it and provide you with comparative costs just to make sure you’re receiving the very best value for your dollar in today’s economy. If you need or want a program, or simply want to refresh an existing one, allow our team the opportunity to create the perfect program for your organization that will provide the ultimate in appreciation.